An Interview with Jack

Today, I have a very special guest to interview. Jack, the dingo. Jack, of “Jack Learns to Grill.” So, without further ado, I’ll defer to Jack.

10675584_10203862322893408_1655186337325671995_n “Hi Mom! Why did you want to talk to me?

Me: “Well, Jack, now that you are the star of your own book, I wanted to find out how you felt about it.”

Jack:” Well, it is pretty exciting, but my life has not changed much. I still, you know, sniff for stuff and play with Hope and the others. Why did you write a book about me, Mom?”

Me: “Well, Jack, I was trying to think how to teach kids that it is okay to be curious and to question why things are the way they are sometimes. You are so curious and you love to learn new things, I thought you’d be the perfect dog for the job.”

Jack:” That’s me! The perfect dog for the job! You know, Mom, I have lots of questions about why humans do stuff and why they act like they do and it would be so much fun if I could help a kid figure those things out too.”

“Me: “I think you are right, Jack. When you are a dog or even a kid, sometimes, it’s hard to know why people do stuff. Sometimes, I even wonder why people do the things they do. Did you know that?”

Jack: “Really? I thought you knew just everything!”

Me : “Oh Jack, you will make me blush. I don’t know everything and I’m glad I don’t, so I can be as curious as you are.”

Jack: “Yep, I’m pretty curious , but it’s my dinnertime. I sure am hungry. Are we done?”

Mom: “Yes, I guess that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to keep you from your dinner.

Jack: “Okay, then. I love you, Mom. (slurp)