An Adventure in Book Signing

I wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles to get a book signing. Who wouldn’t want to sign books at B&N anyway? The lady was pleasant and seemed to be pleased with my book. She told me I should bring my dog- ┬áhe would be a draw. And he would.Told me I should get an agent. “Agents will do all this stuff for you and you won’t have to,”she said informingly. Agreeing with my mouth, my head thought, “Yes, but I’m having fun experiencing the whole author thing.”

It was so close. I almost had that signing. But, my book, alas, is not a returnable book and as such , a signing is not permitted. I’m not sure I understand why one would go to a book signing, have the book signed and then return it. But, I am sure that B&N should have that back up just in case it should ever happen. In the meantime, they will be able to order my books in a month and a half or so. I’m praying they will pick it up. I will be in touch and not give up!