Blame it on the Weather

I don’t know about these weathermen. Last night, I was trying to decide whether to let the horses stay out in the pasture like they usually do or whether to put them in the barn in case of rain. I decided to watch the news and see what they had to say. You


know the weather in Texas- if you don’t like it- wait a minute. But, the weathermen were calling for severe storms and I didn’t want the horses out in that, lest they get hurt by hail or lightening strike. So, by the time the ten o’clock news came on, the storms had subsided a bit and weren’t as strong. “It should be dry until morning and then watch for severe storms in the afternoon tomorrow,” said one. Okay, they’d be okay for the night out in the pasture. Good. They don’t care for barn life. They want to be out in the open, watching what’s going on. Anyway, we went to bed and soon enough, a crash of thunder woke me.

I rolled over, “Honey, that was thunder.”

Stephen: “uhhuh”

Me: “I thought it was going to be dry til tomorrow.”

Stephen: “uhhuh”

Me: “Should we move the horses”

Stephen: “mmm, I dunno.”

It’s 4:45 in the morning. It’s not like morning doesn’t come fast enough as it is and I have now turned on the television news to find out about the rain, thunder and lightening. At 4:45 in the morning- the a.m.-before the crack of dawn!

We decided to leave the horses out in the pasture. It didn’t rain very much , but there was a lot of thunder. When we woke up (at the proper time), I took the horses to the barn because it was to storm this afternoon. Dadgum if the storm didn’t bypass us!

Now, I’m not saying I want it to storm because spring storms here can be brutal. I’m just saying the poor horses have been in the barn all day waiting for a storm to no avail.

I don’t know why I can’t get this right- a thing like knowing when to put them in the barn, but I’m going to chalk it up to the weathermen and Texas weather. That sounds good to me!

A Chance of Rain

Morose. That’s how I would describe today. It began, not sunny, as it usually is in the morning, but dark, dreary, humid and stormy looking. I ran to the feed store as soon as it opened to get the feed for all the animals and some hay to feed the horses and donkeys in the barns. While distributing the feed – first to the barn, then the house, then the front patio, I could feel a slight mist. I didn’t want it to start raining until I finished my chores, but it did. Not bad at first, but I could feel at least a 20 degree drop in temperature since the rain started. Good. I was in the mood to just hang around the house and lay around. Sadly, my mood had not changed from yesterday when I crashed from manic phase Sunday. I hate it when that happens.

The horses were transferred to their newly remodeled barn and I was a bit nervous knowing that Houdini, the miniature horse makes Licorice, the Tennessee Walking Horse, quite anxious. She does not like it when Houdini walks behind her and will walk to the other side while he eats her hay.

I went into the house, wet from the rain, changed my shirt, crawled in bed and slept- and slept. I woke up and quickly went to check the horses. I was relieved to see they were fine. The dogs had kinda dug under their part of the barn to see who or what was on the other side.

All in  all, nothing to write home about- but something to blog about.