God is Good All the Time…

…All the time, God is good.  This happens to mean more today than it ever has .

Friday morning, my sister Martha woke up , went into the living room and there was her husband. No real surprise, but he had the lights on- something he never does. His voice was different and all he would say was “Yes.” As my sister went to make the coffee, she turned around to see him walking sideways and saying “No, no.” He then fell and began seizing.  He does not have seizures normally. Martha called the ambulance, who promptly came and got him and they were off to the hospital.

Several tests were performed, but he could just lay with his eyes open, unable to talk. Sometimes, after a seizure , the part of the brain that one uses to talk is affected and it is so odd (this happened to me) because when one is postdictalone can hear, think the answer in their head and think they are saying what they are thinking. It’s amazingly weird, frustrating and scary all in one go. Anyway, when I saw him at the hospital, I knew that’s what had happened. Two different doctors had differing opinions on what happened. One thought it a brain bleed, the other thought it was a stroke. I called my kids and told them what had happened to their uncle and asked them to begin praying. My son, Micah called me back on Saturday morning and asked if I would like to go with he and his wife, Laura and his mother in law, Jill Busha to lay hands on him and pray for Tom. Immediately, I got dressed and went to his house.  We went to the hospital from there.

Once at the hospital, we saw Tom’s children and stopped to talk to them. Mike took me down to the room , where we talked and Tom would sleep and wake up periodically , only to fall back to sleep. He’d gotten no sleep the day before and we dont’ know if he slept the night before the incident. We surrounded his bed, holding hands and Jill prayed with all of us in agreement. That was yesterday.

Today, I woke up to a facebook message from my sister saying he woke up at 3 a.m. and was his old self! She told the doctor that her socks would be knocked off once she saw Tom. They were. She could find no explanation why he was back to his old self. Now, folks, if that is not a miracle from God, I don’t know what is. It wasn’t just that he woke up- he could name his children, how long he had been married to my sister, wanted to move stuff around in the hospital and I suppose he was a bit hungry since they did a swallow study to see if he could eat.

I love seeing God work in these ways. I know He is working in your life too. He’s that still, quiet voice you hear . Listen for it .