Who Was Your Inspiration?

We are always inspired to do something , by someone. Once, when I was little, I was inspired to cut my doll’s hair because my mother was a hairdresser. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was only my first cut. It wasn’t my last. All through my life I was inspired to one thing and then another by other people- good and bad.

But, I want to pay tribute to the woman who taught me to love writing enough to become an author. Jean Howard, my eleventh grade English teacher was my inspiration. We all thought she was weirdly magical somehow. The way she dressed, the way she talked, really just everything about her. She was somehow mysterious in a way.

We would all find our seats at the beginning of class and open our journals and begin to write for a good twenty minutes or so. We were required to write a journal and we could write about whatever we wanted to. It might be a story, something that happened at home, our pets, whatever came to mind, really. She read each and every one and she always commented in mine. You see, I have never liked to capitalize the letter I. I could not make a decent looking I in cursive and so I opted to make small I ‘s when I wrote about myself. Once , she asked me why I didn’t capitalize my I.

She asked me ,”Don’t you know you are worth capitalizing?”

I saw the capitalization in a whole new way. I wrote her back and told her I didn’t like to because the ones I made were not very good and I didn’t like making a capital I. I did not begin capitalizing that I for a long time. I understood and took her comment to heart and I knew I was worth capitaalizing, but I still couldn’t make a good capital I. Even now, I don’t capitalize a cursive I unless I have to. Now typing, that’s a different thing. I do capitalize them now. When I do, I remember her words.

She told me once I was a good writer. I loved writing and I kept journals for years after I got out of her class. Sadly, in a manic mood swing, I began cleaning the house and I threw them all out. I could say , “what a waste,” but it wasn’t. It prepared me to write professionally and I am so thankful for her guidance , patience and understanding.

I wish I had a photo of her. I’m not sure where I packed my yearbooks away. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out …and a bit of an odd duck to boot. But then, so am i!

A Picture Book of Animals

My friend,Martie, who writes “Is that a Hair in My Biscuit?” here on WordPress posted about her two dogs today. I have now been inspired to blog about our animals. We live out in the country on three acres and our animals are many and varied. I thought today, I would write just about our two horses- the next time- our 6 donkeys. The time after that, our 9 dogs. We also have three cats, and three hens.

Houdini is a little miniature horse. I adopted him when I adopted my Tennessee Walking horse, Licorice. I adopted him for my grand daughter who is only 2. He is more of a pet than a horse to ride or draw a cart- although he could if we trained him. The thing about miniature horses is that you cannot put more than 50 pounds on their backs. He is kinda square shaped- that’s just how they are . They look heavy set , but it is very muscular.

I do not know if you remember the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spokesman, Fabio, but that is exactly who Houdini looks like. Fabio had long ¬†hair – blondish and flowing. So does Houdini. Fabio is very self confident. So is Houdini. Fabio is a ladies man. So was Houdini. You can see them together here.


Twins? Don’t you think?

Next up. Licorice.I have always wanted to own a horse. I found that horse in Licorice, a 22 year old Tennessee Walking Horse who has had a rough life. One of her owners just decided not to feed her anymore and she was so very thin. When I went to the rescue, I actually was looking for another horse. But, when Licorice nuzzled me , that was all she wrote. She stole my heart . She came home to be mine in May. We ride almost daily. She is quite frisky for her age and she loves to prance for the kids at the daycare. I love this horse madly. I never thought it could be like this! How great is that?

my Licorice with a fancy mane
my Licorice with a fancy mane
lounging Licorice