Up and Down in the List

I published my first book, Jack Learns to Grill , as you all know on Thursday, Martch 12. Friday, my friend Jackie Smith, told me it was in the top 100 children’s books on Amazon. Then, it went to the top 20!  No one was more surprised than me! Stephen, my husband and I watched as it climbed up the charts and then down and then up. To say it was an emotional couple of days has been an understatement. It has been truly humbling, fun and interesting to watch the charts .One could get quite obsessed over these numbers. But, I choose not to. It is fun to do so, but I never want my writing to be all about numbers and numbers alone.

My friends have been wonderful in spreading the word about my book and buying it . Thank you for the reblogs and liking my twitters… oh  wait! that’s tweets! (can you tell i’ve only just started tweeting?) I appreciate it more than you know!

If you haven’t read or bought my book, here is the link once more . I am working on the second in the series of Jack Learns books. Can’t wait to get it out! yay!!!!!