The Three Mrs. Bakers

I have the most amazing daughters in law. I must be the most blessed mom in the world. I get along with them and we have a mutual admiration society going on between us. They are fine, strong, beautiful women who love our sons very much. Imagine how much fun I had last night when we went to Pinot’s Pallette- Park Cities in Dallas, Texas last night. This place is the best idea in years for just about anyone. Patrons bring their own drinks, snacks, dinner – what have you and are taught how to paint a particular picture. Laura, Natalie and I wore our tee spring black Team Baker t-shirts and were all smiles throughout the evening. Laura brought the snacks and drinks, while Natalie and I merely showed up. This was Laura’s Christmas present to us. She saw it on Groupon and man, oh man what a great gift it was.

Pinot’s Pallette is filled with art tables and stools , paint, brushes, easels, a bar and you can also buy snacks there as well. We were good girls while we were there, eating popcorn, cinnammon pita chips and chocolate covered cranberries.

Here we are, hard at work...cantcha tell?
Here we are, hard at work…cantcha tell?

We were asked what Team Baker was. I stated, happily, that I was the girls’ mother in law and we were all Bakers. One woman said, “And you all get along? Well, that is wonderful! You don’t find that very often!” My daughter in law said, “She raised good sons.” I was thrilled- actually almost burst into tears.

Natalie told me she tells her workmates how cool her mother in law is while some complain about theirs. Laura echoed Natalie’s tale. How blessed am I ? How blessed I am to have wonderful, loving daughters in laws who love my sons so much as well as me and my husband. God sure knew what he was doing when he put our family together! I love you girls!

Laura, me, and Natalie holding our masterpieces
Laura, me, and Natalie holding our masterpieces