Okay Rain, Come on Back Now!

The rain came and stayed and stayed and overstayed it’s welcome. Now, at 92 degrees, I’m ready for the rain to come back. Maybe not in droves as it did in May. Maybe just a bit at a time in order to bring the temperature down a  bit.

See, when it gets hot outside, I tend to cut my hair.  Alot. It’s pretty short now and I like it okay, but I’m not in love with it. I liked my long hair-I really did. It’s just something about  hot weather and the sweating that takes place during said heat. Well, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back, I guess.

I have a few goals for this week. The first  one is to stay as cool as I can as often as I can. The other is finish my new book The Conservative Congregant. I am this close to finishing it. I know where I want it to go and how I want it to end. The second goal is to get with my niece, Shannon Beaty, who is my new illustrator for the rest of the Jack books. Shannon is very talented and we are hoping to get two books out by September-the actual goal is August, since school will be starting at the end of August. So, I want to see where she is with the illustrations. She has sent me some via text message and they are so so cute! I can’t wait for you all to see them.

So, if you don’t hear from me much this week, I’m just trying to achieve goals!

me with longish hair
me with longish hair


Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Here in Texas, we have had so much rain, we are just about out of our drought. Excellent!  It’s raining again as I write and I wish we were able to dry out for maybe a week or so and then have another little rain. It’s not that soft, pitty-pat rain that lulls you to sleep on a spring afternoon. It’s massive rain with very loud thunder and loads of lightening strikes. Did you know the weathermen can tell how many hundreds of strikes per minute we have? It’s just amazing.

Personally, I love rain, but I don’t get much done on those days. Rainy days equal sleepy days for me. I don’t mind the thunder or even lightening. What I don’t like is when the storms affect the electricity. We are out in the boondocks and so electricity fails during a storm more times than  not. .Sometimes, it’s not so bad, but sometimes, one can sit in the dark for hours. Guess what I do when that happens? Yup! I sleep.

Signs you may want to go on to bed when there is no electricity-

* no tv, radio or anything else that might take your mind off the lack of electricity

*no internet

*can’t see an inch in front of you

*it’s scary


Yes, and I’m sure  you could make your own lists.

Times, though have changed. My husband said to call him if the electricity went out…I had to think a minute before I remembered we don’t have a landline that would be affected by the lack of electricity. This rain needs to slow down, my mind has turned to mush!

If it is raining in your area, remember if you can’t see the bottom of the puddle in the road, turn around, don’t drown!


our road
our road
after the storm the other night.
after the storm the other night.

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the…. Oh Well

I’m not in Spain, but in Texas and the weather has been -well, completely un-Texan! With a low in the 20’s last week and a high today almost 70, it’s been like a teeter totter. Up and down, down and up. We even had a light dusting of snow , for heaven’s sake- in November! Almost unheard of. You know what they say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” And it is more true of Texas than anywhere I’ve ever been.

Today was a beautiful springlike day and tomorrow? Well, it’s going to be raining and then Saturday, we are scheduled to have severe thunderstorms with high winds and, of course, a tornado or two cannot be ruled out.

Never a dull moment here, that’s for sure. With the amount of animals we have, storms are often something that has to be prepared for. For example, I have to sort out the horses, put them in the barn before the storms really start – or not. I have to be able to determine if time in the barn would be beneficial. My Tennessee Walking Horse, Licorice, doesn’t care to be cooped up in the barn with miniature horse Houdini. Houdini makes Licorice nervous. It is not unheard of for her to begin to gallop around the stall area (it’s a big rectangular area).

me and my Licorice
me and my Licorice
Mr. Houdini if you please
Mr. Houdini if you please

I may have to put a wall up so they will each have their own stall. I’ve only  just finished this design. Rethinking it is not really a problem- just a lot of work.

I was to go out of town this weekend- a retreat for church. But, with the impending storm, I feel like I need to be home for the animals and make sure they are all okay. For some, that may sound stupid, but I really feel that God put these animals in my care and it’s my job to make sure they are well taken care of. Sadly, the retreat will have to wait til next time we go out there.

I guess we shall see what we shall see, but in the meantime, the rain in Texas stays mainly whereever it wants to.

A Chance of Rain

Morose. That’s how I would describe today. It began, not sunny, as it usually is in the morning, but dark, dreary, humid and stormy looking. I ran to the feed store as soon as it opened to get the feed for all the animals and some hay to feed the horses and donkeys in the barns. While distributing the feed – first to the barn, then the house, then the front patio, I could feel a slight mist. I didn’t want it to start raining until I finished my chores, but it did. Not bad at first, but I could feel at least a 20 degree drop in temperature since the rain started. Good. I was in the mood to just hang around the house and lay around. Sadly, my mood had not changed from yesterday when I crashed from manic phase Sunday. I hate it when that happens.

The horses were transferred to their newly remodeled barn and I was a bit nervous knowing that Houdini, the miniature horse makes Licorice, the Tennessee Walking Horse, quite anxious. She does not like it when Houdini walks behind her and will walk to the other side while he eats her hay.

I went into the house, wet from the rain, changed my shirt, crawled in bed and slept- and slept. I woke up and quickly went to check the horses. I was relieved to see they were fine. The dogs had kinda dug under their part of the barn to see who or what was on the other side.

All in  all, nothing to write home about- but something to blog about.