An Interesting Week on the Jury

I have been so quiet lately because I’ve been so very busy these past couple of weeks. First, I had a book signing at Half Price Books in Rockwall, which went very well and the folks at Half Price Books treated me like a star or something. Many thanks to those who came out to see me. I had so much fun . One thing that was really cool was that a guy I played violin with in Junior High and High School Orchestra came out to see me! Thanks Steve, for doing that. It was so amazing to see him and he hasn’t changed a bit in the past 40 years! He looks just like he always did. Me? Well, I’ve changed quite a bit. For one thing, I was such a skinny little girl and teenager… really until I started taking meds for bipolar disorder. Now, I’m not… well, not so thin these days. But, I feel better! Anyway, I digress.

I got this jury summons about a month ago for this past week. I’ve never served on a jury and thought it might be interesting to serve on it. Well, I showed up Monday at 8:00, along with about 49 other people. I met five new friends who seemed like old friends after it was all over. Three of us got picked. The case started and although I can’t talk about it, suffice it to say it’s not as interesting as a murder case, but it is a bit interesting… in places. Usually , the afternoons are the best!  Can’t say anymore about it, but I’ll revisit this subject another day.

I am stoked to say that my good friend, Jackie Smith, is reading my new book , The Conservative Congregant. It is not finished yet, but she is helping me with it and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m excited to say she likes it!!! I’ll tell you more about it as time goes on, but I’m hoping to get it out in September. I’m super excited about it and hope you are, too.

Well, that’s all for now! Talk soon and have a safe Memorial Day weekend!xoxox

Only in Walmart

If you are a Facebook follower, you will, from time to time, see a Walmart cartoon or photo posted. Usually, they are not nice- someone ill-dressed, shall we say?  I don’t mind going to Walmart most of the time. Mornings are usually the time to go , if you must – not many people who go to Wally World are up yet. 

I happened to go today, Monday, in the afternoon. Never have I seen so many ill-mannered folks in one place at one time. Because there are generally merchandise stands in the middle of the aisle, there is room for one cart on each side of that stand. Why in the world am  I always behind the people who stop in the middle of the aisle with no way to get around them. I swear to my soul they think they are the only one visiting the store at that exact moment. I patiently waited  and waited and waited and finally decided to back up and go around the other way. I reminded myself I wanted to get some grapefruit and right there , in the middle of the aisle between the avocados and the grapes, were two women stopped. Avocado woman was on her cell phone, picking up and dropping avocados , while grape woman  fiddled and fussed with each package of grapes until she found the perfect package. Another lady was to my right, watching them and then looked over at me. I kinda gave her “the look.” I felt like jumping for joy when Avocado woman found the avocado she had been looking for all her life and grape woman returned to her basket. 

Folks ought to look before they block you in. They ought to. But, don’t hold your breath.