First Book Signing

Today was my very first book signing. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I was filled with a strange calm-as if this is where I was always meant to be. Those who know me well, know my nerves constantly get the best of me. But, today, I was determined not to let that happened and it didn’t. I felt at home , at ease in the C.F. Goodwin Library in Royse City, Texas.

Many friends and relatives came out to cheer me on and get their books signed. I read part of  “Jack Learns to Grill” to my audience and left them to find out the ending for themselves. That was hugely fun for me- to read my own book to an audience for heaven’s sake. “Who’da thunk it?”

The book was well received , was oohed and awwed over and everyone loved the artwork in the book. I have to call the illustrations artwork because they are watercolor paintings by my friend, Tana Jacks. She is an amazing talent and I’m so glad she is my illustrator.

My best friend (since 9th grade) was there, cheering me on and fixing up my table with my books, cards , setting it up so professionally. Thank you Kathy!

My good friend and mentor, Jackie Smith took time out of her busy schedule to attend and it made all the difference for me. She has held my hand and guided me along and still is. She has written three books and working on another. She is an amazing author and if you haven’t read her books, they are Cemetery Tours, Between Worlds, and Boy Band (to be released this month!) Gosh, she is just so talented. I want to be just like her when I grow up! No kidding. She’s that good.

Anyway, thank you to all who came and made the signing such a success. Here are some photos to enjoy. Now, you’ll be at the signing too!


Signing a book
Signing a book


Birthday? Celebrate the Week, Not the Day

I turned a year older this week. Because I’m the baby of the family, I’ve always celebrated my birthday for just a wee bit longer than a day- I celebrate the week. I figure it’s okay to do this because my  mom didn’t know she had me for three days. Imagine how happy she must have been when she woke up after three days and found out she had given birth and didn’t even know about it. Right. Her blood pressure went up and they knocked her out. She was well and truly out, not even knowing I’d been born. That’s a fine howdy-do. Since I couldn’t do anything about the fact that my dad might have been the only one celebrating on my  actual birthday, I feel the need to stretch it out a bit.

This year just happened to be the best birthday week. Tuesday was the actual day and my sister hosted our art class with crafting and a lunch. Sock monkey socks were involved as well as sweet cards and storage for crafting goods. My sister was so sweet to do that for me and I want her to know how much I love her for it. I think she thinks I finally turned out all right, but she wasn’t all that fond of me when I was born. There seemed to be some kind of cradle tipping incident- but she was caught like a rat in a trap! (oh, the drama)

Wednesday, I was blessed with my employer adding another day to my work week. I’m not being facetious. I love what I do- I take care of a 74 year old lady whom I adore and since she is close to my oldest sister’s age, I feel as if God gave me a few more years with my sister, Barbie. It’s nice. We laugh and giggle, but I digress.

Thursday, my internet got a new connection. Finally. It is better than I thought it would be and may just be the best connection we’ve had to date. But, that remains to be seen.

Friday, I attended Indievengeance Day at Cafe Brazil in Richardson, Texas. I went to see my friend Jacqueline E. Smith, author of Cemetery Tours and Between Worlds and lend support. If you have not read these books, might I suggest them to you? They are wonderful and I don’t normally do the ghosty ghost thing. The other reason I went was because I have a children’s book I’d like to publish and wanted to find out what the best way to go about it .  I also have a book I want to write and it will be entitled “Tales of the Ass Farmer’s Wife.” Because I went to this event, I now have a young lady who may be interested in illustrating my book and, I hope an editor.I  enjoyed meeting other independent authors and finding out different things about them and the books they have written . I’ve got to start reading faster because I want to read all of their books! I am hoping to be there next year with my books.

Indievengeance Day!
Indievengeance Day!

Today, my sons, their wives, and my grand daughter attended Funfest in Royse City and it was truly festive. I love Funfest and attend every year. There are many interesting vendors with beautiful, or wacky or wonderful things to sell. I bought a cross made from a horseshoe nail that is very beautiful, I bought a Halloween dress for my granddaughter, along with a baby doll . And of course, who could pass up corny dogs or snow cones on a hot day. Not me.

I am truly blessed having a whole week to celebrate. You can be too. Just do it.