Stormy Skies

I love spring. It is the newness of everything, I think. The flowers are blooming, the grass looks greener than it ever has, butterflies, dragonflies; everything is coming to life again after the cold winter. The trees are leafing. It is magnificent beauty  and terrible rage all at the same time.

Sitting in the pasture while the horses eat is one of my favorite things to do in the afternoon. The air is slightly breezy, slightly warm, but not hot. The farm is quiet with everyone eating and minding their own business for once. It could be a masterpiece painting should someone decide to paint it.

But, spring is the stormy season when you live in Tornado Alley. I dare not bemoan the rain after being in a long, long drought. But, this year, the storms have been dreadful. Homes in Wylie , Whitesboro, Howe ,  and other locales have been ripped apart by tornadoes on the ground for mere moments. There have been flash floods. Houston was hit with a huge flood just last week. Now, I have to say  I love a good storm, but not when it takes  lives, homes, cars and other things. A good thunderstorm makes sleeping easy for me and leaves me a  bit lazy when I awake.

This is one of  the stormiest  springs  I can remember in a long while. I pray if you happen to be in the storm’s path, you are able to stay safe.

Spring reminds me of a bipolar cycle. It can be nice and calm one minute and the next, it’s dark, cloudy and raging against all . Still, I love it.



I can’t get enough of this spring weather. I live in Texas and generally, spring means tornadoes and storms. I care not a whit. I love springtime and the feeling of newness in everything I see. I even feel new. It’s like hibernation time is over and now playtime can begin.

I love the way the grass is the greenest it will be just right now, the way the flowers are starting to peep out and bloom into the miracles they are, and I love the smell of spring. Brilliant. Fragrant. Beautiful.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Go outside, let the sun bathe your body, take a few whiffs of the air- not just short whiffs- I’m talking about deep whiffs of fresh, fragrant air. We don’t have a very long springtime, but man, is it a good one!