Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Here in Texas, we have had so much rain, we are just about out of our drought. Excellent!  It’s raining again as I write and I wish we were able to dry out for maybe a week or so and then have another little rain. It’s not that soft, pitty-pat rain that lulls you to sleep on a spring afternoon. It’s massive rain with very loud thunder and loads of lightening strikes. Did you know the weathermen can tell how many hundreds of strikes per minute we have? It’s just amazing.

Personally, I love rain, but I don’t get much done on those days. Rainy days equal sleepy days for me. I don’t mind the thunder or even lightening. What I don’t like is when the storms affect the electricity. We are out in the boondocks and so electricity fails during a storm more times than  not. .Sometimes, it’s not so bad, but sometimes, one can sit in the dark for hours. Guess what I do when that happens? Yup! I sleep.

Signs you may want to go on to bed when there is no electricity-

* no tv, radio or anything else that might take your mind off the lack of electricity

*no internet

*can’t see an inch in front of you

*it’s scary


Yes, and I’m sure  you could make your own lists.

Times, though have changed. My husband said to call him if the electricity went out…I had to think a minute before I remembered we don’t have a landline that would be affected by the lack of electricity. This rain needs to slow down, my mind has turned to mush!

If it is raining in your area, remember if you can’t see the bottom of the puddle in the road, turn around, don’t drown!


our road
our road
after the storm the other night.
after the storm the other night.

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